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Hi, my name is John Hawkins. I am a delinquency intervention expert who uses storytelling to help students understand the driving force behind delinquent behavior (bullying, gangs, drugs, skipping school, etc.) and make important changes in their lives. 


My speaking and English Language Arts program – The Storytelling Challenge –  inspires students to create literature, read stories and develop their character. It is designed to address Social Emotional Learning, as well as the Common Core Standards in reading, writing, speaking, listening, language and media & technology.


The Storytelling Challenge is currently being used in continuation high schools as part of their English curriculum and as an after-school intervention program. 


Students learn to write their own "Hero's Journey" story. By writing their personal story students can identify the traumas (times they have been devalued) that shaped their belief system and their choices, and in so doing create meaningful change. In the process, they also become inspired to develop their writing skills.


To inquire about the Storytelling Challenge speaking or literacy programs, please call John Hawkins direct at:




Amazing Student Testimonial 


Dear Mr.Hawkins
I cannot find the words for how grateful I am for what you do... The way you have changed my perspective on life and the realization of so many things about life...MY life, thank you. I want to remind you that you are changing lives. You are turning a bitter-sweet experience into a completely positive thing for people everywhere. I cannot explain what an emotional day it was for me the day you came to Hilltop High school. I could relate to so many of the things you were saying and I realized what had to change.. I do not hurt others or myself but I have continued to make many wrong, shameful mistakes I will no longer make. You really have impacted my life greatly and I will one day tell my children what a great man you are and the message you send to the world ....and the day you came to my school and changed my life forever. I will never hold back on spreading your good name. You will always have my respect.  Please never stop doing what you do.

You're my hero, Mr. Hawkins